Personality Universe

What does your Instagram say about your personality?


​Project Details

A visual representation about the reflection of people's personality from their social media features.


Duration: December 2017


website architecture

front-end development

visual design

data fetching

Project Type

Solo project

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Living in an era of Internet, social media has become an important part of our daily life. Personal social media can be regarded as an album, a diary as well as a mirror which reflects our inside world. In terms of this, what can be predicted about you through your social media content? Do you want to show your true personality to your audience or do you want to pretend to be someone else? Have you ever realize what kind of person you are in the virtual world?


Based on a psychology research by Bruce Ferwerda, there are some correlations between your Instagram photo features and your personality.

In this project, I want to make a visual representation about this research and to create system that can predict people's personal identity by the data from their social media content. In this way, I want to give them a chance to review their behavior, explore themselves, and re-consider the identity of social media.



This is how the psychology matrix works:


To simulate the prediction process, I get access to Instagram API and drag data from users' posts (with their permission). By dragging the average color data and building the connection between color feature and personality database, I can get the result of the user's predictive personality and give them a visual representation of their own color space.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 15.49.43.png



Gallery of user test results: