An easier way for navigation.

​Project Details

Insight: In the Verizon Design Jam, our group was trying to find a new interaction way in order to avoid the distraction brought by screens.


Duration: October 27 - 29 2017


Project Type

Team project

Tools Used


Final Cut Pro



Contextual Research

UI design


Haiyuan Jiang

Yichang Wang

Yuxin Zhong


The topic of this 3-day Verizon Design Jam is "AI + UI." From our perception, there are some problems with current navigation apps. Think of first time arriving somewhere or the moment you get out of the subway station in a big city, it is hard to tell the right directions. Users have to check their phone screens several times to figure out where to go. On one hand, it is not safe. On the other hand, it distracts people from feeling the real world around them and enjoying exploring physical landmarks.


To solve this problem, we came up with a new way of interaction. Using the vibration of headphone as instructions, it is easier for our users to find the right way without looking at digital screens.




We summarized current problems with navigations as: 

  • Indirect navigation instructions

  • Safety Problem

  • Not “living in the moment”

To avoid users' eyes stuck on screens or paper maps, we wanted to give instructions in another interactive form, which would be more direct, subtle, but concise enough. Then we analyzed possible solutions from two aspects; the first one is limitation of human sense, and the second one is technological limitation. We tried to simplify the process of "find directions" as much as possible so that the user don't have to pay much attention to the map guide, which lets them get away of digital interface and focus more on surroundings and feel the real world.

From brainstorming and research, we decided to use sound and vibration as a solution. By adding Gyroscope Tapic Engine and Accelerometer to the ear pod and connecting it to the navigation App, the user don't need screens anymore. Vocal prompt and vibration on the ear pod together are able to provide clear navigation instructions. By wearing the ear pod, people don't need to check the screen anymore when they are looking for directions.