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​Project Details

Insight: Brand new stationery was the most exciting thing to me before every semester. I find that people will always be delighted by fresh new things. 

Challenge: It's hard to find a delicate but simple way to direct users to create new colors.

Duration: November 2015 - December 2015


User Research


High Fidelity Mockups

Tools Used




NAILING is an app made for girls who love beauty and colorful life style. Users could simply create a unique pattern through three steps. It's a way that helps change people's mood and delight themselves.


  • In order to get user's current mood, I did some research with the help of psychology friends. We used Likert Scale as the principle of interaction design for color choice.

  • For the choosing part, colors are classified into two levels: hue and saturability. Users could simply choose the color that represents their current mood.

Related Study



  • Three steps to create a new pattern.

  • Several beautiful patterns to choose.

  • Different calendar types for pattern record.

  • Show final result on real hands.

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