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How to capture beautiful moments during traveling.

​Project Details

Insight: Every traveling experience is unique and precious. So I'm wandering if there's a place where I can easily make my own travel journals and create beautiful memories.

Challenge: It's difficult to create different but attracting note styles. Making the website like real paper is also a challenge.

Duration: October 2016 - November 2016

Project Type

Solo project

Tools Used




User Research


High Fidelity Mockups

Visual Design


My passion of traveling came from my grandma, who is 72 years old now and still keeps going out for fun every year. She insists using pens to write down her feelings about every places on an old notebook, which is also called bullet journal nowadays.


However, most photos we take are in electronic devices and it is a huge problem to print them out and make them together with travel note. So I designed this multi-device application for travelers to make all kinds of electronic travel notes online, with which they can put photos, videos, audios, sketches and texts together easily.



What does user need

To know about what users need to write down their journey, I made some questionnaires, did some interviews and summarized the result.

According to the summary, 62% of interviewee think it's necessary to write down travel notes. 52% prefer using social network to make travelling records. Sharing and memorizing are both important for a travel note. PC and mobile terminal has its strength and weaknesses as a tool for travel records.

From all the interviewees, I chose four to carry out in-depth interviews. All of them, though different from each other, gave me interesting points and surprising advice. The girl loving collecting things suggested less but delicate functions. The senior bullet journal user preferred adorable tapes, stickers and stamps as choices. And the math guy wanted a note list added to homepage. After analyzing and considering the feasibility of the suggestions, I started to make wireframes.



Considering the features of PC,  wireframes of website is mainly designed for creating traveller's notebook online. There will be several built-in notebook templates,  which makes it much easier for beginners.


Users are able to easily edit and customize their personal notes and share it with others.

With the mobile app, users can simply make records of their journey in the form of image, route, video, audio and text. The files will be saved in cloud and  automatically added into the corresponding travel notebook.


High Fidelity Prototype