What Has Kindle Changed ?

Information Design

​Project Details

Insight: I was curious about the relationship between e-books and physical books, the revolution brought by kindle, and changes of reading methods happened gradually in our life. 

Challenge: The challenge of this project is finding specific datas, reorder them and make sure they reflect some point and make sense. It's hard to find the balance between the content of "kindle" and "e-book".

Duration: January 2016 - March 2016


Data collection

Data visulazation

Tools Used




Producted from 2007, kindle has become the most popular e-reader among the world. In some way, it created a totally new way of reading. But will electronic books replace physical ones one day?  Is e-reader the best solution for reading problem? This project is about the development and changes occured to e-books and physical books since kindle's appearance. 


Data Collection





Books are the stepping stones to human progress. From the data visualization we should be aware of the importance of each form of books. Each of them is unique and irreplaceable. From cold numbers to vivid pictures, it is design that made the recognizing progress easier and more efficient.