An art installation questioning

people's text consumption habits.

​Project Details

Insight: Reading has been one of the most important way that people perceive the world. However, I realized that I was losing the ability to concentrate on long and deep contents. What is altering our reading habits, and what will that lead us towards?


Duration: September 2018 - April 2019

Project Type

Solo Project

Tools Used



Eye-tracking Algorithm

Hand-crafted Material

EPSON Thermal Printer

“To read a book was to practice an unnatural process of thought, one that demanded sustained, unbroken attention to a single, static object.”

Nicholas Carr, “The Shallows”



“Read” is an interactive art installation which questions how digital media alters the way we read and retain text-based information since the rise of screen. By detecting and visualizing audience’s real time reading behavior on digital screens, “Read” provides the audience an opportunity to examine their own information consumption habits, especially how their concentration is altered by reading digital-based content.


In terms of reading content, the screen is displaying contents from “Reader, Come Home,” a book by Maryanne Wolf containing sincere letters about her concerns and hopes about what is happening to the reading brain as it unavoidably changes to adapt to digital mediums. Further, the collection of the examining generated by a group of audience forms a collective reflection of the original content by Wolf, which in return represents the issue of digital reading habits from a larger, vivid perspective.





Thesis Final Pre - Iris_Page_16.jpg

Fully concentrated

Partly concentrated

Rarely concentrated